WIP: Diatome


Some photos from the early stages of a collection of diatom watercolors. I’m excited to be returning to some of the materials from earlier projects – including Stars I’ve Known and It Was A Time A Time It Was – for this book.

Ophidian: Ogdoad

Ogdoad is the second book in a series exploring the connections that have been drawn between women and snakes across world mythology and folk tales. Like Gorgon, it is 4″ by 4″ accordion folded vellum with tissue paper, watercolor, and linoleum printing.

Ophidian: Gorgon

Gorgon is the first in a series of books exploring the connections between women and snakes in myths and stories from around the world. I am quite phobic of snakes, but hope that learning these stories will help me build a healthier relationship to creatures that (while terrifying – I’ll hold to that) have an incredibly rich place in the humanity’s collective imagination.

The books in the Ophidian series are 4″ by 4″ accordion folded vellum lined on one side with tissue paper. The tissue paper side contains text, while the reverse holds a linoleum print of the chosen character. The characters are layered on top of watercolor and a snakeskin texture print.

Stars I’ve Known

Stars I’ve Known is a pocket-sized attempt to capture the way that my relationship to the cosmos has shifted with time and location. It’s an acknowledgement that our awareness of the infinite is only possible through the very particular.

Formally, Stars I’ve Known incorporates kraft paper, black paper with linoleum prints and white stamped text, silver and clear mylar, a fold-out page, and a punched-hole constellation. Figuring out how to pace the story I wanted to tell with the various materials was an interesting challenge.

The finished book is 4″ by 5″, in an edition of 24.