Spun Stories

In this series, I hoped to pay homage to the historical entanglement of women and textiles while also exploring the rich diversity of this heritage. Although the three women depicted are all tightly connected to thread in the Greek myths from which they are drawn, they nonetheless have very different relationships to it. For Arachne, who was turned into a spider after besting Athena in a weaving competition, the incomplete laciness of her webs serves as a perpetual taunt and punishment for her hubris. Ariadne’s gift of yarn to her lover Theseus tethers him quite literally to both her and life when he enters the labyrinth to seek the Minotaur. Weaving allows Philomela to find justice and her voice after she is raped and mutilated by her brother-in-law; she communicates her story to her sister by creating a tapestry of it. Although bound together by a common theme, the women shown here are undeniably distinct entities.